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Hello from the new editor

Tom Dennis 2017-06-06 13:01:33

I’m Tom Dennis, and I’m honored to introduce myself as the new editor of Prairie Business. I like to think I’m bringing two important qualities to the job. The first is the past two decades. I edited the editorial page of the Grand Forks Herald during that time, and through that experience, I learned a lot about the history, geography and culture of our region. The second quality is the few decades before that. Before moving to Grand Forks, I’d lived in New York City, Seattle and Portland, Ore., as well as in various small towns in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Rhode Island. I even lived in Caracas, Venezuela, for a couple of years as a kid. What those experiences gave me is a tremendous appreciation for life right here in the Upper Midwest. I love living here. I think our region’s dynamism, quality of services and quality of life are superb. I’m convinced that our population centers such as Grand Forks, Fargo, Sioux Falls and Bismarck will keep growing as more Americans learn about the unmatched family-friendliness of our cities. And I’m thrilled to edit the magazine that covers the engine powering this growth: business. That coverage continues today with this “Construction” issue, in which Prairie Business describes the progress and expansion that’s happening everywhere you see a tower crane. Hope you like it! Feel free to call me at 701-780-1276 or email me at tdennis@ with any questions, comments or story ideas for future issues. PB

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